Non-Students on Campus

In order to maintain orderly operations and the safety of the campus community, only registered Delaware Tech students, support staff and other individuals approved by the College, and those who have applied to audit a course (listener status) are authorized to attend class. Non-students are permitted in public areas of the College only.

The College is only responsible for the health, safety, or welfare of minors who are enrolled in a College program or activity. All other minors must be under the direct supervision of a parent or guardian at all times while on campus.

External Organizations on Campus

Soliciting is not permitted on campus. Military, employers, connected degree partners, and agencies providing services to support students may request space on campus to share opportunities and information that may be of interest to students. These visits may be restricted to designated events/limited dates.

To request approval for a visit, the organization must contact the dean of student affairs or his/her designee. The requesting organization must provide a description of the organization and the nature of the visit. The dean of student affairs will then forward the request to the vice president and campus director with a recommendation for the use.

If approved, the College will permit the organization to use the College’s facilities and designate a space on campus where the visitor can interact with students.

At no time shall these visits materially disrupt the College’s learning environment, interfere with instructional programs, impede the normal operation of the College, or infringe upon the right of students or employees to learn or work in a safe environment.

In accordance with the College’s Statement of Nondiscrimination Policy, decisions to approve or not approve these visits, or decisions pertaining to the terms, conditions or location of a space shall be made in a nondiscriminatory and impartial manner, and shall not be based on religious affiliation, non-affiliation, or belief or for any other reason related to the viewpoint of any person, entity, or organization seeking to use College facilities. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the College reserves the right to impose reasonable, content-neutral restrictions on the time, place and manner of any College facility use. Any such restriction shall be approved by the College’s Chief Legal Counsel.