Consent to Conduct Business and Communicate Electronically

Federal financial aid guidelines require Delaware Technical and Community College ("College") to obtain a student's consent to participate in electronic transactions including the submission and receipt of federal financial aid documents and communications. The College uses e-mail as the official method of communication. In addition, TCPA (“Telephone Consumer Protection Act”) best practices recommend obtaining consent to communication through SMS.

By selecting the "I Consent" checkbox, you consent to conduct business electronically with the College and to receive through College email, SMS, other electronic College platforms all communications from the College including, but not limited to, all financial aid disclosures, notifications, agreements, loans and awards.

By selecting the "I Consent" checkbox, you further agree that your signature on this document (hereafter referred to as your "E-Signature") is as valid as if you signed the document in writing. You are also confirming that you are the student authorized to enter into this Consent. You further agree that each use of your College email equates to your E-Signature.

By selecting the "I Consent" checkbox, you specifically agree to receive, obtain, and submit any and all College documents and information electronically through your College email, SMS, or other College electronic platforms. You agree to accept electronic communications provided to your College email, SMS, or by other electronic means as reasonable and proper notice for the purpose of fulfilling any and all rules and regulations, and agree that such electronic communications fully satisfy any requirement that communications be provided to you in writing.

By selecting the "I Consent" checkbox, you acknowledge that you have access to an electronic device such as a computer, smartphone, or tablet with a supporting operating system that can connect to the Internet, an up-to-date pdf viewer, and sufficient electronic storage capacity on the electronic device to be able to save documents.

By selecting the "I Consent" checkbox, you agree that the College is not required to provide you with records in paper format. If you want a paper copy of any record sent to you electronically, you may print a copy from your electronic device or you may direct your request to the College office responsible for the communication, transaction or agreement. The College reserves the right to provide communications and engage in transactions and agreements with you in paper form at any time.

By choosing not to consent, or if you withdraw your consent hereafter, you will be responsible for contacting the appropriate offices to conduct College business in paper format or by U.S. mail. You have the right to withdraw your consent to doing business with the College electronically by visiting your Delaware Tech Account, clicking "Personal Info", and selecting the "Electronic Consent" option.

By selecting the "I Consent" checkbox, I acknowledge that I have read the information about conducting business with the College using College email and other electronic College platforms and have either consulted with or had sufficient opportunity to consult with advisors of my choice on the meaning and implications of this Consent. I agree to using electronic methods for all the purposes listed above and having all College communications and records provided or made available to me in electronic form. (8/30/22)