Office of the President

Bailey, Kate

Director of Government and Community Relations

B.A., Mary Washington College

M.A., University of Delaware


Beach, Janis

(Acting) Vice President for Human Resources

B.S., University of Delaware

Brainard, Mark T.


A.A.S., Delaware Tech

B.A., Wilmington University

J.D., Widener University

Carter, Molli

Administrative Intern

B.S., Towson University

M.Ed., Wilmington University

Carter, Sara D.

Director of Instructional Design and Technology

B.A.Sc., University of Delaware

M.S., Wilmington University


Charrier, Gail

Associate Vice President for Student Services 

B.A., Salisbury University

M.Ed., Salisbury University

Chesser, Matthew P.

Legal Counsel

A.A.S., Delaware Tech

B.S., Salisbury State University

J.D., Villanova University

Devore, Mark

Director of Collegewide Facilities

B.S., U.S. Coast Guard Academy

M.S., University of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign


Gary, Michelle R.

Collegewide Information Technology and Networking (ITN) Academic Director

B.S., Towson State University

M.Ed., Delaware State University

Groller, Elizabeth

Collegewide Director of Title IX and Civil Rights Compliance

B.S., Skidmore College

J.D., Widener University


Jackson, Michael S.

Vice President for Finance

B.S., Villanova University

M.S., University of Delaware

Keister, Brian E.

Collegewide Director of Financial Aid

B.S., Tusculum University

M.Ed., Tennessee State University

Rainer, Tom 

Vice President for Information and Instructional Technology

Mello, Timothy J.

Instructor/Instructional Director/Department Chair, Education

B.S., Wilmington College

M.Ed., Wesley College

Ed.D., Delaware State University


Moloney, Carolyn A.

Director of Development Services

B.A., Salisbury University

M.S., Wilmington University

Morris, Paul T.

Associate Vice President for Workforce Development and Community Education

A.A.S., Delaware Tech

B.A., Wilmington College

M.Ed., Wilmington College

Ed. D., Wilmington University

Peel, Lisa I.

Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs

B.A., Elon University

M.Ed., Wilmington University

Ed.D., University of Delaware

Rhodes, Carol C.

Assistant Vice President for Finance

A.A.S., Delaware Tech

B.S., Wesley College

M.B.A., Wesley College


Collegewide Director of Athletics

Mintzer, Crystal

Vice President for External Relations

Shirey, Brian D.

General Counsel

B.S., Delaware State University

J.D., Widener University

Stanard, Cara

Academic Counselor 

B.A., College of Wooster

M.Ed., Wilmington College

Velazquez-Segura, Noe 

International Education Director

A.A.S., Delaware Tech

B.A., University of Delaware 


Director of Grants


Thomas, Justina M.

Vice President for Academic Affairs

B.A., Salisbury State University

M.I., University of Delaware


Weidner-Ahorrio, Jose

Academic Counselor

B.S., University of Puerto Rico

M.Ed., Regent University