Incomplete "I" Grade

An incomplete ("I") grade may be given by an instructor in situations where extenuating circumstances prevent the student from completing the coursework. The student must agree to complete the remaining coursework and objectives in a reasonable timeframe specified by the instructor but no later than the end of the following semester. For "I" grades earned at the end of the spring semester, the student will have until the end of the fall semester to complete the requirement.

Otherwise, the incomplete grade will be changed to an "F" grade, and the student must register for the course in a future term.

An instructor must obtain approval from their department chairperson prior to assigning an "I" grade.

A student who receives an incomplete grade does not re-register for the class to complete the remaining coursework. The following definitions apply to this policy:

Extenuating Circumstances: The serious and exceptional factors outside one's control. Not all circumstances are the same and should be measured on a case by case basis.

"F" Grade (Failing): A rating given to a student who has not met the measurable objectives and must repeat the course.

"I" Grade (Incomplete): A rating given to a student who has not completed all course requirements before the end of the term due to extenuating circumstances.

Reasonable Timeframe: An amount of time that is fair or appropriate to complete the requirements of a course. The amount of time may not exceed the end of the following semester after the "I" grade is given. For "I" grades given during the spring semester, the amount of time may not to exceed the end of the fall semester.