Fresh Start Policy

The Fresh Start policy provides students with an opportunity to request consideration and approval from the College’s Deans of Instruction or designee to allow them to recalculate their cumulative grade point average (cumulative GPA).

In order to be eligible, students must:

  1. be currently enrolled in a program and not have previously earned a degree (associate, diploma, or certificate) at Delaware Tech.
  2. have not attended Delaware Tech for a minimum of five full semesters (not including summer). For example, a student who was last enrolled in fall 2012 would be eligible to begin a Fresh Start in fall 2015.
  3. upon readmission, complete a minimum of 12 college-level credits with at least a 2.00 GPA.
  4. apply in writing to the Dean of Instruction or designee requesting consideration for a Fresh Start.

The Dean of Instruction or designee will review the student’s application, determine if the guidelines have been met, and make a final decision on granting the Fresh Start.

Course grades prior to readmittance that do not fulfill graduation requirements in the student’s current major will be excluded from the recalculated cumulative GPA. The excluded courses cannot be used to fulfill graduation requirements. Course grades prior to readmittance that fulfill graduation requirements (passing grades) in the student’s current major will continue to be included in cumulative GPA recalculation.

Fresh Start is granted only one time per student and is irreversible. Fresh Start has no impact on financial aid maximum credits allowed.

Although cumulative GPA will be recalculated once the Fresh Start is applied, all attempted hours, grades, and courses will remain on the student's transcript, and a statement will be added to the student’s transcript to indicate the Fresh Start effective date.