College Admissions Procedure

For admission to the College and for full access to services, applicants should plan to complete the admissions process at least 30 days before the first day of class. Applicants should review their selected program as shown in the College Catalog to determine if there are additional admission requirements related to their specific program of study. The following procedures for admission to any campus should be followed.

  1. Submit an Application to the College. Applicants can apply on-line or contact any campus for a paper application.
  2. Request that your high school and/or college transcript or GED® certificate be sent immediately to the Admissions Office on the campus to which you are applying. Submit Advanced Placement Test scores from your high school, as well as Tech Prep verification, CLEP or DANTES scores. (See information above about this requirement.)
  3. Demonstrate College readiness.

Academic Program Admission Information

Delaware Tech is an open access college, but students must demonstrate academic readiness for college courses, satisfy course pre-requisites, and additionally be selected for admission into some academic programs that have limited seats and specific program admission criteria and requirements. Selection for admission is not guaranteed into these programs, which currently include Nursing, Allied Health, and several others such as Aviation Maintenance.

The academic programs with specific admission criteria, requirements and limited seats offer admission to qualified students through either a Competitive Process or a Wait List Process.

In the Competitive Process, qualified students are ranked on the basis of their performance in meeting admission criteria and completing admission requirements. Performance measures may include but not be limited to grades, course pass attempts, scores on national and college specific examinations, etc.

Ranking is conducted each time program admission is open so a student’s chances of admission change in relationship to the performance of other student applicants. In this process, program admission is not guaranteed to any student.

In the Wait List Process, qualified students are placed on a wait list for program admission after they meet all admission criteria and requirements at the minimal prescribed level. In this process, all qualified students who meet the admission criteria and requirements are eventually offered a seat in the program.

Additional typical requirements for program admission and for employment include the following: satisfactory criminal background check, possession of a valid social security number and legal status to work, satisfactory physical examination, the ability to perform physical tasks, negative drug testing, and no record of abuse.

Academic programs with competitive or wait list admission procedures provide this information on their specific web page.

Programs with limited seats and specific program admission criteria and requirements may afford preference to residents of the State of Delaware. Delaware residency is determined in accordance with the requirements contained in the College's Residency policy.

The President of Delaware Technical Community College is authorized to establish enrollment quotas for qualified candidates by county for these programs which are offered in one or two counties and not offered in the other county or counties. At no time shall the quota for the campus offering the program be less than two-thirds of the entering enrollment.