Installment Payment Plan

Delaware Tech has partnered with Nelnet Business Solutions (NBS) as a way to increase affordability and access to education. The Installment Payment Plan (the Plan) allows students to defer the cost of tuition and fees through a payment option that offers installment payments rather than in one-lump sum payment. The Plan is available each semester on the opening day of registration.

Enrollment into the Plan is only available for a limited time each semester (through the drop/add period); however, early enrollment is encouraged because the down payment amount is determined by the date on which the student signs up. Earlier signup results in a lower required down payment and a greater number of installments, resulting in much more affordable monthly payments.

After you register for classes, you can enroll into the NBS Installment Payment Plan to pay your tuition and fees in smaller monthly installments. The specific timeline for these installment payment options are available by logging into the Plan. If you do not wish to enroll in the Plan, you can pay your tuition and fees in full in person at the Business Office or pay online.

Students and parents should review all of the information about the Plan carefully before signing up. Nelnet Business Solutions is a third party, and payment plan agreements are executed between the student and NBS - not Delaware Tech.

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