Earned Title IV Financial Aid

Students who receive federal financial aid are eligible for payment according to their enrollment status and attendance. Students who attend more than 60 percent of a semester (approximately 9 weeks of a 15 week semester) are eligible to receive 100 percent of their payment. Students who attend 60 percent or less of a semester are eligible to receive a percentage of their payment, depending on the date of withdrawal from all classes. This percentage payment is done according to the Return of Title IV Funds Regulations. (34 CFR 668.22)

  1. If the amount of earned federal financial aid is not adequate to pay institutional charges, the student is liable for any outstanding debt the student may owe the college. In addition, the student may be responsible for repaying a portion of his/her federal financial aid to the federal government.
  2. Earnings from the Federal Work Study Program are not used in this calculation. The student is paid what he/she earns.
  3. Students receiving loans must maintain half-time enrollment (at least 6 credits) in order to receive payment of the loan.
  4. Basic-level courses (courses beginning with 00) do not count toward enrollment status for Title IV Funds.

This policy applies to federal financial aid money only and will be the policy applied to students who withdraw from all classes.

The date of withdrawal from all classes that will be used in the calculation is the date that the Registrar's Office processes the official College Withdrawal Form used by students who wish to withdraw from all their classes during the semester. Students must contact the Registrar's Office to obtain this form. The withdrawal date for students who drop all their classes without using the official College Withdrawal Form will be the last documented dates of attendance or the mid-point (50% point) of the semester without documentation. Withdrawing from the College may affect a student's eligibility for future financial aid funding.

Federal law requires that students who receive federal financial aid must attend the classes for which they register in order to receive financial aid payment. Students who never attend a class will not receive any federal financial aid relating to that class, even if an official drop/withdrawal procedure is completed.

The complete policy and additional information about financial aid are available on the Delaware Tech Web page, which provides ongoing updates to all financial aid opportunities and the College's refund policies.