Programs of Study

At Delaware Technical Community College, students may be accepted in bachelor of science degree, associate degree, diploma or certificate programs.

Associate Degree Programs

The Associate in Applied Science curricula prepares students for immediate employment upon graduation by emphasizing applied knowledge and skills through program courses. The AAS degree can also serve as a transfer degree to a senior institution.

The Associate of Arts in Teaching curricula prepares students who are interested in education with the foundational knowledge needed to transfer to a senior institution in order to complete a bachelor’s degree in teaching.

The Associate of Science curricula prepares students who wish to transfer within the College to an allied health or nursing program once competitive admissions requirements are met, or to a senior institution to pursue a bachelor’s degree.

If you plan to transfer to another college after completing an associate degree at Delaware Technical Community College, consult with your program advisor to determine whether your associate degree program is articulated with a senior institution. These connected degree programs have transfer provisions you need to know. For other transfers, consult the College Catalog or the Admissions Office of the institution which you plan to attend as soon as possible. Transferability of courses and programs is determined solely by the institution to which the student transfers.

Bachelor of Science Program

The Bachelor of Science curricula prepares students who hold a nursing diploma or an associate degree in nursing and are licensed as a registered nurse with increased knowledge in the field of nursing. Students gain additional practicum experience and leadership skills.

Diploma and Certificate Programs

Diploma and certificate programs prepare students with marketable skills for specific employment opportunities. All programs are tailored to meet the needs and abilities of the individual and to provide a marketable skill which will enable him/her to compete successfully in the job market. Additional information may be obtained by calling the Admissions Office at your nearest campus.