Academic Grade Challenge Policy

A student who wishes to challenge an academic grade given in any course must initiate the challenge by submitting a written request, including the basis of the challenge, to the course instructor by the end of the semester following the term in which the grade was received. Spring grades may be challenged until the end of the next fall semester. If the student is not satisfied with the instructor's written response and ultimate decision, the student may appeal that decision to the department chair, in writing, within seven (7) days of the instructor's decision. The department chair will meet with the student and instructor, discuss the written challenge and review any documentation, including coursework and exams, necessary to render a decision. If the student is not satisfied with the department chair's written decision, the student may appeal the decision to the Dean of Instruction by submitting a written request within seven (7) days which shall include a copy of the instructor's and chair's decision. The final investigation of the challenged grade and subsequent decision rests with the Dean of Instruction, who shall notify the student, department chair and instructor in writing of the final determination. Once a student has challenged a grade through this process, all academic appeals have been exhausted. No other College process may be utilized to challenge that specific grade or decision.