Academic Amnesty Procedure

The following criteria and application has been created to aid currently enrolled students who began their studies at Delaware Technical Community College prior to the conversion to a Semester system in the Fall of 1993 (94-1). To qualify, a student must complete The Petition for Academic Amnesty form and submit the form to the Dean of Instruction or his/her designee.

The following conditions apply:

  1. Any student who has a non-completion grade (R, U) in a course prior to the Fall of 1993 (94-1) or has an enrollment date prior to 94-1 and has successfully repeated the course(s) (A, B, C grade) or the semester equivalent may petition the Dean of Instruction or his/her designee to eliminate the non-completion grade from the CUM grade point average calculation. Each non-completion grade in the same course will be eliminated from the CUM GPA calculation.
  2. The student must submit a written application for Academic Amnesty to the Dean of Instruction or his/her designee.
  3. If the request for Academic Amnesty is approved, the non-completion grade (R, U) will be replaced with an administrative grade (AR, AU). The administrative grade (AR, AU) will not be included in the students new CUM Grade Point Average.
  4. All students are cautioned that many undergraduate professional programs, graduate and professional schools consider all grades listed on a transcript when considering applications for admission and scholarship.
  5. Academic Amnesty does not change accumulated Financial Aid history. Accumulated term and award limits include all terms of enrollment.